Best African men fashion styles for 2021

The continent of Africa is the second most populous and has 54 countries. There is no such thing as one single ‘African men fashion’. Each region has its own fashion trends and traditional clothing, in some cases even the same country has different fashion trends and traditional clothing. North African countries have an altogether different fashion trend to those in the South. Similarly, there is a world of difference in fashion trends between Eastern African and Western Africa. 

African men fashion trends

There are some characteristics though that make African men fashion trends in the continent stand out from the rest of the world. Where does African fashion take inspiration from? Most of the African fashion trends stem from their unique local tribal culture, or the local environmental inspirations or food. African men fashion also stands out because of the bright colours that are a big part of it. Another very popular and evergreen trend in African fashion is the use of floral patterns. 

African men fashion is known for its striking colours, we have listed some products from our store that cover both ends of the spectrum. Whether you’re looking for a traditional African men fashion item to add to your wardrobe or whether you want a modern touch coupled with African style. The products we have listed are among our best sellers.  

African men fashion Agbada

The Agbada (or gown in English) is a kind of tunic robe with flowing open sleeves. The dress is very popular among men in Western African countries. Agbada has many variations and in fact many names too such as Kaftan. The tunic has been adopted by many African tribes and for good reason. The design of the tunic protects from the harsh Saharan sun and the cold nights in the Sahara. In the present day the Agbada set is usually worn on special occasions, be it religions festivals or weddings the Agbada is a perfect suit. 

We have two different Agbada’s available for you, both come in a variety of colours. Our ODEL Agbada set comes in the following colours, Black, Maroon and White. The set comes with a shirt and trouser. Priced at just £175, this 3pc Agbada set will help you make a fashion statement like no other. 

Our JILA Agbada set is our premium range Agbada that can add variety to your wardrobe. Just like the ODEL set this also comes with a shirt and trouser. Priced at £195 it comes in four colours, Black, Maroon, Navy Blue and White. Both ranges will give you an entry into the African men fashion scene. 

Senator Suit

The Senator Suit is a two-piece ensemble that has a long top that ends a few inches above the knees. The clothing has quickly gained popularity due to its comfort. Depending on the style you can incorporate it into your wardrobe for any occasion. The Senator Suit is particularly popular in Nigeria, however, it is worn in many other African countries too. The suit has also gained popularity outside the African continent in many countries. 

We have Senator Suits available in two different colours; navy blue and white. The suit is perfect for everyday wear and is really comfortable. Priced at a mere £80 it will not only provide you with a comfortable clothing item but will also help you stand out. The Senator Suit can be an excellent addition to your wardrobe if you are looking for an African men fashion clothing.

The two-piece senator suit and 3 Piece Agbada are also available as single items which can be bought separately to match your current clothing or bought as a one-off Shirt or Trouser to complement your look.

Other African men fashion trends

Some of the other fashion trends that will likely dominate the African men fashion scene include animal prints and colourful outfits. Both have become the bread and butter of African men fashion. Animal prints include cheetah spots and zebra stripes. It’s a good idea though not to go too heavy on the print. A small amount of animal print on the shirt will always look better than a complete animal print outfit. Brighter colours and a mix of colours is also a trend that is here to stay in 2021. Pastel colours have also become popular among men in recent years and help you stand out from the crowd.

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