Face masks: From health protectors to fashion accessories

No one could have predicted last year that face mask would soon become a fashion necessity. The coronavirus pandemic has turned face masks into a fashion statement. Tilda Swinton’s gold face mask proved to be a head turned at the Venice Film Festival earlier this year. Her mask wasn’t necessarily pandemic approved but it was definitely a fashion statement that proved that masks are here to stay. Lady Gaga recently also caught the eye at the VMA awards shows with her parade of some flashy masks. In September, Scout Willis stepped out donning a fringed mask. Lana Del Rey’s appearance on cover of Interview magazine’s September issue wearing a pink mesh mask followed soon. American costume designer Patricia Field recently said that she is wearing masks like she wears other fashion accessories. 

The display of masks by celebrities has increased interest in them. According to search platform Lyst, after the display of fashionable masks by Lady Gaga, there was visible spike in searched for ‘fashionable’ and ‘bold’ masks.

Face Masks A Growing Trend

With masks increasingly becoming a part of our everyday life, people are using them to express themselves. Luxury fashion house Burberry has announced its range of masks. It is the first major fashion brand to have forayed into fashion masks. Other brands like Uniqlo, Gap, and Adidas have also stepped into the mask business. This signals that masks are here to stay and despite successful vaccine trials. U.S ecommerce store Etsy has made US$600 million in gross merchandise sales in the second and third quarters this year on face masks. 

If you want to hop on this latest fashion trend cum health necessity we have compiled a list of some trendy yet affordable face masks. These masks available at our store will not just keep you safe but help you make a solid fashion statement.

Our Face Masks Selection

African Print Face Mask — MARY

The Mary face mask could be a lovely addition to your wardrobe. The striking colour of the mask will make you stand out from the crowd. The mask has three layers of protection and comes with an interchangeable filter.

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African Print Face Mask — LABI

Just like the Mary face mask the Labi mask comes in a very unique color. The mask has soft three layered fabric that is not only comfortable but also provides excellent protection. It has an adjustable earloop and fits nicely.

African printed gifts face masks

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African Print Face Mask — FOLA

The Fola face mask comes in a beautiful combination of pink and yellow. The mask is perfect for wearing if you want to head out on a light workout or a jog. The three layered protection will also keep you safe. 

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African Print Face Mask — CASS

The Cass facemask is one of our most stand out masks. The multicolored mask will add to your style in addition to keeping you safe.


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African Print Face Mask — SEMAR

This intricate design and can be worn anywhere. It is perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing masks available in our store.

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As our final word, we strongly recommend use of masks. Whether you want to foray into making a fashion statement with them is your choice. However, as long as the pandemic rages on, masks are an absolute necessity. You can play a huge part in curbing the spread of the virus by using masks.

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