The Best African Printed Gifts

Looking for some African printed gifts for someone? Extravagant yet elegant gifts for your loved ones in one of the renown patterns and fabrics? Then no worries, we have a collection of gift ideas made from quality African textiles! 

The History of the renowned fabric

Africa, known for its wax printed fabrics. Are manufacturing multi-coloured cotton cloths. The wax printing was originally influenced by an Indonesian method of dyeing cloth. Known as Batik. However, roller printing, developed in Scotland made things easier. Generally, the wax is applied to the portion of the cloth, which the designer doesn’t want to dye. Therefore, this format has helped in generating a beautiful pattern. Which is now holding a high demand in the international market.

Why African Printed Gifts

What is so special about African Prints? African prints are not ordinary prints. They are purely made from cotton. About 2.6-million-hectare of land in Ethiopia is cultivated for cotton. Sub-Saharan regions of Africa have a high demand for African wax prints. This demand has now spread throughout the globe. To clarify this statement, the Euromonitor analysed that African apparel has developed a worth of 31 billion dollars.

African prints had about 0.55% share of global trade in 2013 and because of the increasing demand for it, its value increased to 1.7% by 2019. 

Our beautiful prints help our customers express their emotions. One such example is Kuba and Mud-cloth, they show the lively and miraculous history of their people. Then there is Ankara, it’s a versatile cloth that can be used in multiple fashion styles. It gives out an Afrocentric vibe. 

Some African Textiles

Africa offers a range of different textile and print types such as Ankara. Which is, a type of wax printed fabric. That was first produced in Indonesia.  While Kente is another type of fabric. Which originated from Ghana. It refers to a specific type of Ghanaian textile made from handwoven clothing. It represents the sartorial device. Kente patterns are now being printed using a similar method to Ankara which is printed onto cotton, which has helped to increase the awareness of the print around the world.

The wax printed fabric is colourful. Its colours are often used to express one’s mood. Each colour in these fabrics represents something. 
Golden colours represent serenity. They were worn by kings and queens. But, can be gifted to your kings and queens too.  These splashed and beautifully scattered colours are now available from our store for delivery worldwide. We found some of the best African designed gifts for you. Attir has numerous styles available in a wide variety of colours.

African Printed Gifts

Formal Dress Maxi Dress

Looking for an African printed gifts? Well, this lovely formal sleeveless Round Tie dress in Ankara print is a must to have in your wardrobe. It’s made up of 100% Polyester. This material maintains its shape very well. 

It comes with a necktie tassels to style as you require. Followed by a durable zip at the back. The best thing is that there is a variety of sizes and is available on pre-orders! 

So, hurry up and place your order for this Round Tie Neck Print Maxi Dress!

African printed gifts

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Formal Yet Informal

This beautiful sleeveless choker Ankara print dress is a great gift for your loved ones. This digitally printed dress; is made up of 100% Polyester. Thus, it does not de-shape easily. 

 It has a round neck with a durable zip at the back. Such prints are a must to add in your wardrobe. So, bring some vibrant colours in your closet now! 

This dress is available in a variety of sizes on pre-order. So, hop into this beautiful Round Neck Maxi Dress with a bow in front. So, light up your loved one’s events with these African printed gifts!

Senator Outfit

This Senator Style Men’s wear is available only a tap away! It’s a Slim-fit with a crew neck neckline and is available in a variety of sizes. Available in long sleeves and in two colours! Navy Blue and soft white only at Attir.

This outfit is made up of 100% Premium Senator cotton. Soft and comfortable outfit set is certainly available now with a shirt and trouser!

So, hurry up and order this men’s Senator style outfit now!

Senator style

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African printed gifts face masks

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Sustainable Fashion Masks

Germs are all around us. Are you looking for a unique African printed gift? Help your loved ones to stay safe, in style. How is it possible? Well, Attir, has introduced some of the best masks available in the world. 

We offer a large variety of colours to go with your outfits. These handmade African Wax printed masks are one of the best things to gift, for instance.  With 3 layers of protection, this mask includes a removable filter. Which will help you stay safe whilst adding an edge to your Fashion! So, use it as much as you want!

Casual Top

Not interested in formal wear or dress? Then no worries. If your loved one loves casual outfits that make them light up. Then this wrap to tie African printed top, is the best! The top is open from the middle. That is tied with attached tassels. This is a 100% Polyester material that develops no stretch.  The 3 quarter sleeves with a V-neck is a must to have, even as a gift for yourself. 

This top is available on pre-orders and in various sizes! So, go grab your Wrap Tie Crop Top

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Sustainable Fashion Masks

Looking for a casual African printed gift? Well, this lovely peaceful print is a must to have! This 100% cotton dress is an easy to wear an outfit with a zip at the back. Accompanied with a beautiful crew neckline. 

So, hurry up and buy this Ankara Print Dress Now!

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